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Navy Recognized Senator Lieberman as Honorary Submariner

On October 24, Navy leadership at the base recognized U.S. Senator Joseph I. Lieberman (I-CT) by making him an Honorary Submariner. Rear Admiral Richard Breckenridge, commander Submarine Group Two, pins Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) with a set of Dolphins, bestowing upon him the title of honorary submariner at Naval Submarine Base New London. Lieberman toured the newest Virginia Class fast-attack submarine, USS Mississippi (SSN 782), shortly before the pinning ceremony.

Dear Neighbor of Southeastern Connecticut and Southern Rhode Island…

Captain Marc W. Denno, Commanding Officer, Naval Submarine Base, New London.

Every day, in the shadow of the Gold Star Memorial Bridge, hundreds of local residents and visitors pass by an imposing conning tower and the polished granite wall of honor that encompass the Submarine Veterans of World War II Memorial East.

And whether by design or by impulse, many stop – drawn by these compelling visible reminders that the liberty and prosperity our Nation enjoys have been purchased… purchased by the sacrifice and service of 48 million men and women, who since our Nation’s founding, have donned the uniform and proudly stepped forward to defend our freedoms.

On Veterans Day, across our great land, Americans gather in public events or in private prayer to recognize these valiant men and women of our Armed Forces.

Ever since the first Veteran’s Day, originally “Armistice Day,” was established in 1919, Americans have paused to salute the service and remember the sacrifice of the men and women who have kept us free.
And many of those who gather can count themselves among our Nation’s more than 21 million living veterans.

Veterans past and present who have worn the cloth of our great Nation and contributed so much to guarding and maintaining the liberties we cherish.

President John F. Kennedy once said “in the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in the hour of its maximum danger…”

September 11, 2001 rung in that hour for the generation of active duty military members serving today.
We have been “granted the role of defending freedom.”

We view that critical mission as a sacred privilege and we follow in a long line of those that met and mastered that “maximum danger.”

I have the honor and pleasure of serving with some of these young men and women as I lead Naval Submarine Base New London.

These young service members support and crew the fifteen attack submarines stationed there.

They remind me everyday that the true strength of our Navy and our Nation does not lie in any aircraft, ship, submarine, sensor, or weapon.

The true strength of our great Nation and Navy lies in its men and women – America’s finest!

They follow an extraordinary legacy of honor, courage, and commitment; a legacy fashioned and forged by selfless service and sacrifice; a legacy passed onto them by the veterans they follow.

In the early days of the Second World War, Gen. George C. Marshall was asked if America had a secret weapon to win the conflict.

He replied that we did have such a weapon — he called it “the best darn kids in the world.”

I can assure you that the “best darn kids” still wear this Nation’s uniform!

I, for one, could not be prouder to serve with them and I thank you for all that you do to support them.

So this Veterans Day, I ask you to join me in saluting all those who wear or have worn the cloth of this great Nation.

I feel fortunate to enjoy the peace, liberty, and security that they have provided my family, my community, and my Nation.



Thank you,

Marc W. Denno
Captain, U.S. Navy
Commanding Officer
Naval Submarine base, New London

LCAC-71 Storms Hole-in-the-Wall to Kick Off OpSail

by Jon Persson

(Watch two videos of LCAC-71 Storming the Beach here: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheResidentNews?feature=watch)

Stormin' the sands of Niantic, LCAC-71 kicks up a wall of spray.

It’s D-Day..of a different kind.

It’s a sunny Friday, July 6, at 1600 hours and LCAC 71 storms the Hole-In-The-Wall Beach at McCook Point Park, in Niantic.

This is a well orchestrated operation of the the Navy Dock Landing Ship USS Carter Hall launching the Landing Craft Air Cushion from an offshore moored position. Spectators line the shore, covering the park’s expansive grassy hillside vista and along the rocky embankments which surround much of the park.

As the opening event of OpSail 2012CT, the Carter Hall and her LCAC bring to Niantic’s beach an event otherwise limited to distant viewing of the fleet of ships anchored off Niantic Harbor. The fleet, intermixed with private pleasure craft, includes a number of schooners, two Coast Guard vessels, the Coast Guard barque Eagle, and the Carter Hall, which at 609 feet dominates the horizon with her gray profile.

Soon, the LCAC can be seen, a giant spume of spray blasting into the air along her port side, curving over the vessel as it runs towards the beach. LCAC 71 makes two mock assaults on Hole-In-The-Wall Beach, the first a straight-on landing which sees the vessel completely ashore, her inflatable hull ring immediately deflated. A number of uniformed personnel disembark, and a contingent of dignitaries board for a pre-announced LCAC landing.

The second landing, at higher speed than the first, ends with a dramatic side-slip landing which brings the LCAC to rest high and dry and artfully turned sideways. The demonstration is completed with the deployment of a Humvee and a combat truck.

At the press conference which follows, Captain Timothy Spratto, Commodore of Amphibious Squadron Six, illustrates just how impressive the LCAC force is: “Seventy-two LCACs in the Navy inventory,” he says,  each capable of “carrying up to 72 tons  at speeds up to 40 knots with a range of 200 miles.” Their range gives them an “over the horizon” capability, allowing a greater element of surprise. They can deploy a squad of marines, trucks, even an M1A1 main battle tank. The USS Carter Hall is the tenth vessel of her kind, which carry a crew of 500 Navy and Marine personnel in “the Blue-Green team.”