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ChelseaGroton Foundation Helps Fund Vocational Workshop

David Yellen, Principal, Thames Valley Clinical Day Treatment school, and Kevin Maines, Vocational Teacher, accept grant from ChelseaGroton Bank Foundation on behalf of Natchaug Hospital. Joann Lynch (left), and Lori-Ellen Wesolowski (right) from ChelseaGroton Bank Foundation presented the $500 grant that will help equip a workshop for the YouthWorks vocational skills program.

Natchaug Hospital is pleased to announce that the ChelseaGroton Foundation has granted $500 to the Natchaug Hospital YouthWorks vocational skills program to assist in establishing a permanent workshop.

The YouthWorks program, which teaches vocational skills to students in grades seven to 12, currently operates out of a portable workshop which travels between the Joshua Center Northeast Clinical Day Treatment (CDT) School in Danielson, and the Thames Valley CDT School in Norwich.

As Natchaug restructures its southeast programs over the next year, merging Thames Valley and the Joshua Center Montville into a new building in Norwich, a permanent workshop for the YouthWorks program will be created at the new location to offer a more robust vocational experience to the CDT students.

YouthWorks, which was started in 2009, gives students the opportunity to learn vocational skills such as carpentry, bicycle maintenance, and horticulture to help prepare them for meaningful employment after graduation.

Natchaug Hospital operates seven Clinical Day Treatment Schools across eastern Connecticut. Students are referred to Natchaug CDT by their local schools and follow individualized education plans created with collaboration between theschool district and Natchaug CDT staff.