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The Piano Man Still Wows Fans at Mohegan Sun Arena

by Taryn Alessandro

During his 10-concert series at Mohegan Sun Arena, musical genius, Billy Joel, is proving he still has what it takes to sell out venues and keep fan’s swooning. The exclusive New England appearance shows are running from May 23 through July 3. Tickets are going fast! The June 28th and July 3rd are the only shows that haven’t sold out yet.

The concert is an eclectic mix of Billy’s lesser known songs, such as “Zanzibar,” accompanied by trumpet player Carl Fischer, and his classic hits, such as “River of Dreams,” “In a New York Minute,” “Only the Good Die Young,” and “We Didn’t Start the Fire.” Billy had us laughing, crying, jumping, and swaying.

“This has been an amazing ride,” said the six time Grammy Award winner. “Thank you all for continuing to come see us and letting me do what I love.”

Instead of an intermission, Billy surprised us by introducing his “rough around the edges,” roadie, “Chainsaw,” to give a fist-pumping performance of AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell.”

The concert concluded with a much awaited, stellar performance of Billy’s first hit, “Piano Man.” Seemingly, every audience member knew the words as they collectively sang back to Billy. “Sing us a song, Piano Man. Sing us a song tonight,” radiated the 10,000-seat arena and showed us how huge an impact Billy’s music has had on his fans.