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Kanye West at MGM

by Taryn Alessandro

In the MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods on Thursday night, August 7, Kanye West delivered a sci-fi themed performance complete with endless smoke, off-the-hook special effects and an extravagant light show. Kanye’s Glow in the Dark Tour performance opened with Gnarles Barkley, and ended with a theater full of screaming fans.

There’s no doubt about it, Kanye is a born performer. Accompanied only by surreal lighting and smoke rising around his silhouette, Kanye was able to keep fans out of their seats throughout the performance. “Throw your hands up in the air,” shouted Kanye, during “It All Falls Down.” Everyone did. Fists were pumping all night long.

Other chart topping hits performed by Kanye included “Gold Digger,” “Jesus Walks,” “Hey Mama,” and “Diamonds.”

As if the show wasn’t over-the-top enough, leaving the theater, we were handed samples of Kanye’s newly released book, “Thank You and You’re Welcome”, co-written by J. Sakiya Sandifer. “Thank You and You’re Welcome” is a chock full of advice from Kanye and includes a heartfelt dedication to his mama.

Gloria Estefan Opens MGM Grand at Foxwoods

story & photos
by Tony Schillaci & Don Church

In a spectacular opening show, May 23-25, world-renown singer Gloria Estefan gave her fans what they came to see – an electrifying performance at the new 4,000-seat MGM Grand Theater.

From the moment Gloria appeared onstage in a black lace gown with a red flower in her hair, her strong clear voice and heart-warming personality won over the adoring audience.

The sold-out shows deserved a venue as beautiful and audience-friendly as the MGM Grand Theater at the new MGM Grand at Foxwoods. The sight lines are great from every seat, and even the balcony seats are closer to the stage than in other theaters.

This was a rare US appearance – her only one this year. Gloria spends her time appearing in Latin America and will leave soon for Europe.

The show consists of some of Gloria’s hits, including “Conga.” She sings many of her songs in Spanish, and “for the benefit of the Anglos in the audience,” an English translation was projected upon the three colossal screens in the theater.

A highlight of the 90-minute show was Gloria’s “Where The Boys Are” homage to legendary singer Connie Francis. Gloria is working on a screenplay in which she’ll portray the sometimes tragic life of the Italian-American pop singer.

Gloria was born in Cuba, but has lived in Miami since she was a baby. Her music is true to its roots.

An exciting salsa show-band, a group of talented back-up singers and a troupe of Latin dancers added to the rhythmic pulse of the action onstage. Gloria gets her energy from daily Pilates and resistance training combined with a healthy diet.

Before a costume change, Gloria Estefan introduced her musically gifted and charming 13-year-old daughter, Emily, who played the drums and did a guitar duo that deservingly brought down the house.
The finale found the audience rushing in great numbers to the stage, dancing in the aisles, and giving a standing ovation to one of America’s and the world’s most popular performers. Viva la Diva, Gloria!

Seinfeld Scores Laughs at MGM Grand

by Tony Schillaci and Don Church

“I have absolutely no idea where the hell I am,” quipped Jerry Seinfeld during his opening monologue on May 30th at the MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods. “I see plenty of woods, but no foxes… do you see any foxes?”

Beginning with that observation, Jerry riffed on a multitude of everyday subjects, beginning with the idea that “everyone’s life sucks, although mine probably sucks less than yours,” followed by references to his elderly mother’s “custom-made cataract car windshield” to “Florida’s minimum security prisons – otherwise known as gated over-55 communities,” to the fact that “nobody wants to be invited to your wedding.”

The show, scheduled to begin at 9 p. m., was delayed until 9:20 while more than half of the audience sauntered in during those 20 minutes. The 4,000-seat theater seemed almost filled to capacity when the “opening act” was introduced.

The stage contained only a microphone, a chair and a spotlight. By the time the seats were filled, Jerry came running onto the stage to thunderous applause, cheers and whistles. HE is what the fans came to see!

Jerry is a very physical entertainer, and his presence literally filled the stage. He used it successfully as a prop to add punch to his hilarious stories. And his brilliantly quirky observations of the human experience made it seem that a whole cast of characters were onstage with him. We could actually “see” an entire family avoiding answering a ringing telephone, or a bride adding hundreds of yards to her train because she needed to prove it was her day!

At one point, a heckler shouted something from the rear of the theater. Without missing a beat, Jerry shouted back, “What’s that? I can’t hear you, sir. The theater is so inconsiderate! They didn’t provide microphones for EVERYONE! I’m the only one who got a microphone!” The heckler meekly shut up while the audience cheered Jerry on.

During the 90-minute laugh fest, Seinfeld lived up to his reputation as one of America’s best comedic actors, and the loyal Seinfeld audience agreed that life, after all, doesn’t really suck. But it sure is funny – when Jerry’s around.