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Mohegan Sun’s Biggest Loser

photo & story
by Jessica Warzeniak

Mohegan Sun held its first ever Biggest Loser competition to promote healthy lifestyles for its employees. Lasting 12 weeks, the contest was designed to help many people lose weight, but it also elevated people’s self-esteem, health and company morale.  The contest featured over 500 employees who competed in three categories: weight loss , walking and running. Not only is the number of employees who participated in the contest impressive, but also the results they achieved. Final weigh ins were on June 24th – 26th.

In the weight loss category over 400 participants combined for a total weight loss of 5.54 percent of their original weight.

In first place was “The Final Four” with 16.52 percent lost. The team was made up of Bridget Graff, her son Dan, Kay Capozzi-Weiler, and Jaclyn Berry.

Bridget, the team captain, had the greatest percentage of weight lost with 45 pounds or 22.14 percent of her original weight. At her weigh in on Thursday morning,  Bridget said, “Healthy competition is unbelievable at getting people motivated. I like to win. I want to win! But hey, it’s really fun and now it’s a habit.” Her hardwork paid off.

Bridget said her success was due to having team members at work and her son at home to keep her motivated. “I go to the gym every night after work,” said Bridget, who works at Tuscany. “I ride the eliptical and watch the Celtics’ games. It’s a great time!”

The “Transformers” – Kerry Lynch, Robert Kwong, Joel Pinto, and Johnny Rodriguez – were in second place with 11.91 percent lost.

“The Breakfast Crew” took third place with 10.67 percent lost. Annie Barclay, Shannon Fitzgerald, and Tammie LaFlamme were on the team.

Contestants in the walking category logged over 92,432 minutes.

With 17,320 minutes walked “P&I” – Michael Smith, David Belmonte, and Susan Stewart – took first place. Second place went to “Robin’s Chickadees” with Robin Danielson, Karri Martell, and Millie Simon walking for 11,359 minutes.

Close behind in third place was “H.S.O.P.” with 11,130 minutes walked by Denise Allaby, Meagan Gortner, and Ashely Ortiz.

The running category featured only three teams, but they still combined for 8,932 minutes!  The top team was:

“Dynasty” with 4,006 minutes run by Rachel Shafer, JJ Biro, Stan Merise, Gunnar Land, and Scott Kerstether.

At the weigh in, Rachel, an employee at the Fitness Center since Eagleview opened, said, “Now that the competition is over, I hope everyone keeps going.”

Overall the Biggest Loser contest was a huge success.