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Success Story

by Roger Zotti

David Lindahl said he wrote his book, “Emerging Real Estate Markets” (Wiley), to share what he learned with other people who “were looking to change their lives.” His hope is that readers realize “that anybody can do what I did. They just need a road map and that’s what the book provides.”

He summarized “Markets” as being about how to invest in emerging markets in the US, “without being a landlord. It’s also about the different market cycles and what strategy to use with each particular cycle.”
Here’s what David found most satisfying about writing his book: It gave “me the chance to explain step-by-step how I went from having nothing to actually acquiring a great deal of real estate. I explain the process I went through along the way.”

At the same time, David said the toughest thing was his writing routine. The alarm would sound at four o’clock in the morning. He’d get up and write. “That started my day,” he said.

When David was in his late twenties, he was a landscaper. In the back of his mind was, he said, “The idea to start a business and create a better life. I ended up getting involved in real estate, not intentionally, and I realized a lot of money can be made in that field. And I continue to learn. I currently own over 5,000 units in the United States and I’ve done most of that with other people’s money.”

In one of the book’s most informative chapters, “How To Find All the Money You Need to Do Your Deals,” David examines the “Four Myths That Will Keep Your Poor (If You Believe Them).” Consider myths one and two. Myth #1 is that “You need money to make money.” If it were true, “there would be no self-made millionaires like me,” he writes. “Banks are where the money is” Myth #2. According to David, smart investors realize banks are “only one of many, many sources for deal financing.” The rest of the chapter is devoted to explaining, in concise and clear detail, why the myths have no relationship with an individual’s success in the real estate market.

Two chapters deal with “How to Identify Markets Using My ‘Market Phase’ Method” and “The Ten Biggest Mistakes Investors Make in Emerging Markets and How to Avoid Them.” (In the latter David advises that before making any moves, you should “see evidence that people are migrating into an area, and creating a demand…”) Two others are concerned with “How to Inspect Both the Property, and the Investment” and “Know Your Exit Strategy, Before You Get into a Property.”

Immensely readable, “Emerging Real Estate Markets” is David’s first book. On May 3 “Multi-Family Millions” will be released. Another book, “Commerical Real Estate 101” is due in November. David also operates a company, RE Mentor, that teaches investors about making profits from real estate investments.