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Stan Cardinal Receives Certificate of Appreciation For Flag Loaner Program

Christian Porter of Honor and Remember presents a “Certificate of Appreciation” for Supporting Patriotism to Stan Cardinal for his Flag Loaner Progam.

GROTON, CT, June 2012 – In  July of 1990 Stan Cardinal  hoisted the flag on the colossal flag pole outside of Cardinal Honda. This would become the first of an ongoing act of patriotism that continues each day with a 25 foot by 40 foot American flag that proudly waves over Cardinal Honda and welcomes those driving by on Route 12.

Since that day in July, Stan Cardinal has continued to share his patriotism with the military, his employees, customers and the public through the “Cardinal Honda Flag Loaner Program.” This unique program allows anyone to borrow a flag from Cardinal Honda for special events, parades and presentations. As a result of the program, Stan has received a “Certificate of Appreciation” for Supporting Patriotism in our community.

For example, the involvement of the program in community events includes the forty foot flag draped on the side of the Intrepid as it sailed into New York harbor to its final resting place. Flags have been loaned for Memorial services for our fallen soldiers, Military and School functions and local parades.

The Flag Loaner Program provides American flags, in various sizes, for loan at no charge. All that is asked is that the flags be respected and cared for with the same level of Patriotism that Stan Cardinal has always had for the national emblem.