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Good News that ROCKS!

Dear Alexis:

It was great to connect with you at the MASH event at Enders Island. It was a wondrous and magical evening/event. It was particularly wonderful to connect with you because I have wanted to thank you and the Resident for so long in regards to what the Resident has done for me and my business.

So here, I go with my acknowledgement: Thank you Resident News for being here! I remember over 16 years ago putting my first classified advertisement in your paper that headlined: “Holistic Voice Instruction.”

Those beginning calls I received, begun the intricate weave of students that created the continuum that continues today. I remember my first call was from a Cantor in Hartford, who today is a well admired Rabbi in South Windsor. His wife found the Resident ad and well, the rest is history! Thanks, Alexis Ann for creating the Resident News and living your dream!

Valerie Walsh
Holistic Voice Teacher, Mystic
Author & Founder of Holistic Expressions, LLC