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Frankie Valli at Mohegan Sun

by Tony Schillaci & Don Church

Singing in what is arguably still the best falsetto in rock and roll, Frankie Valli led the Four Seasons in a journey through time and sang some of his biggest hits. The concert on Saturday, July 12th, at the Mohegan Sun Arena was packed to the rafters with fans of “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” “Rag Doll” and “Sherry.”

Frankie, a seasoned pro, gave his all in a performance which showed appreciation and respect for his audience, and they gave as good as they got with huge outbursts of cheering and shouting from start to big, big finish. At Frankie’s urging, they enthusiastically sang along with his many chart-topping hits. It was a mutual love affair between the thousands of loyal fans and one of the original rock and roll giants and his music.

The enormously talented back-up singer/dancers (not the original Four Seasons) are a quartet of handsome young guys that Frankie calls “my kids”. He hand-picked just the right ones because they have what it takes to be headliners on their own. Later this year, Frankie, an unusually generous star performer, is producing a CD of the four fresh faces singing Sinatra songs in four-part harmony.

Hailing from New York City, Los Angeles and Toledo, Valli claims that this vibrant new foursome doesn’t even have a name yet! But they will. They each supplied high-energy youthfulness and sex-appeal to the act – the perfect element to compliment Valli’s many talents and to show that he’s as relevant today as he was in the 60s.

Beautifully structured, the concert showcases the legend that is Frankie Valli – both a rock and roll and a vocal group Hall of Famer. His amazing, perfect-pitch voice flows flawlessly from one song to another, from “My Eyes Adored You” and “Dawn” to “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You,” with the ease and skill that comes from years of being a headliner.

This Jersey Boy from Newark sold over 100 million records, making him and the Four Seasons the best selling do-wop group of all time. He told his fans, “I’m sure you all know the show Jersey Boys that’s on Broadway. There are now seven companies out on the road.” One of those companies comes to the Bushnell in Hartford in February 2009

In one segment of his show, Frankie sang all the numbers that he claims were stolen from him before he could record them. They’re all in his first studio album in 15 years, called Romancing the 60’s. His rendition of Spanish Harlem had the fans clapping and swaying to the music.

All in all, what’s not to love about Frankie Valli? This great showman knows how to please an audience, and he’s backed up by a sensational group of musicians and his four talented ‘kids’ who enhance every one of the songs he sings. And his renowned ‘high voice’ and style puts Frankie Valli, one classy performer, in a class by himself.