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From the Publisher: January’s Bright Lights Dazzle

The Big 2-0 is Here! The Resident’s Alexis Ann celebrates Wireless Zone’s 20th anniversary with the company’s co-founders, Neil Ryan, left, and Scott Gladstone, right, at Mohegan Sun in December. Neil’s and Scott’s mobile-communications company has grown to ten stores since its founding in 1992 by the two college friends from Keene State--see page 19 for details.

The Big 2-0 is Here! The Resident’s Alexis Ann celebrates Wireless Zone’s 20th anniversary with the company’s co-founders, Neil Ryan, left, and Scott Gladstone, right, at Mohegan Sun in December. Neil’s and Scott’s mobile-communications company has grown to ten stores since its founding in 1992 by the two college friends from Keene State–see page 19 for details.

Sunrise in Noank,” a stunning photo by Steven Spellman, sets a tone of awakening…and brings to mind that Steven and I were classmates at Stonington High, just yesterday! Our good Senator who is now retiring, Joe Lieberman, received stellar recognition from the Department of Homeland Security. The Distinguished Service Medal is their highest honor and reflects his role in originating the department; so cast a watchful eye on page 5.

Our own tall ship, the Coast Guard’s Eagle, has a new lease on her 77-year life, courtesy of a three-month maintenance effort by the Submarine Base and the Coast Guard. The dockside work at the base is her longest maintenance period there in some 20 years. Sail on to page 5 see her berthed at Fort Trumbull.

Then, look ahead and see what’s cookin’ on page 8, as Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine of TV’s “Restaurant: Impossible” demonstrates his energy at the Garde. And don’t forget that he’ll be back soon to show us his skills at the Mohegan Sun’s WineFest 2013, coming up January 26 and 27 in the Uncas Ballroom. Get your tastebuds ready!

And while you’re looking forward, think of your special Valentine!  See our back cover for a chance to feature your Valentine tribute and photo on our February 13 front page. Maybe you’ll win a spectacular package of fun—a night at the Inn at Stonington, a gift from Fripperies, flowers from Garden of Eden, and dinner at Zack’s Bar & Grille in Stonington.  It will be a priceless memory that will last a lifetime!

Thanks for reading The Resident, the Good News that Rocks for 2013. Remember, The Resident reaches 64 communities and is the most cost-effective way to advertise in the region.


Alexis Anneditor & publisher

Alexis Ann
editor & publisher

Jeremy Powers Pro Bike Rider at Whaling City Cyclone Bike Race

story & photos
by Maren Schober

Jeremy Powers, 24, of Hadley, MA, a professional cyclist since 2004, was selected for the Jelly Belly Pro Cycling Team.  Since turning professional, he competed in bike races all over the world and represented the US in many cycling events.

It all started right here, in Niantic, paling around with his school buddies after school! “I grew up in Niantic, and during junior  and senior  high school my friends and I would go mountain biking,” Jeremy explains to me.  “I grew to love this sport and now it is my passion.”

Today, June 22, Jeremy is competing in the inaugural Whaling City Cyclone Bicycle Race at Fort Trumbull, New London.  This is his first time racing in his home area.  Today he departs momentarily from his Pro Team to give back to the community.

“My mom and dad both work in New London,” Jeremy tells me, “and I wanted to do something to benefit my own community.  This race is being held to benefit the Heavy Hitters Gym in New London and the Bikes for Kids of Southeastern CT.  Both these organizations help underprivileged kids.” Jeremy’s mom and dad are on hand at this race in support of Jeremy.  His dad is operating the ice cream truck, and his mom is handing out samples of Jelly Belly beans.

“Try the pomegranate flavor”, she urges me.  “It is delicious.” She is right.  The Jelly Belly jelly beans can be found in our local convenient stores.  Jelly bean fans will want to check them out.

“The Jelly Belly Candy Company in Fairfield, CA is the main sponsor of my cycling team,” Jeremy declares.  “Our outfits, shorts and jerseys, are designed by Jelly Belly to really stand out, to be fun and different.  The company helps us in many ways, including financially.”

Indeed, Jeremy is a colorful sight as he stands before me in his white long sleeved shirt designed with multicolored jelly beans sprinkled all over it.

The race course is a one kilometer course on Fort Trumbull.  The circuit includes six turns per lap, and great views of the New London waterfront and Bank Street as a back drop.  The race distance is 50 miles.

Jeremy is racing with 67 other bicycle riders in the Pro 1,2, 3 class race that starts at 3:00 pm.  It is a truly awesome sight to see so many bike riders whizzing by at about 32 miles an hour.

We all need to think of alternatives to driving our cars these days, and these men are showing us the way!

Jeremy placed seventh in this race, and we are all proud of him.  May he continue to follow his passion with pride and success.

Tour de France Winner Visits Fort Trumbull to Promote Bicycling

story & photo
by Harrison Lees

It was a unique sight for Fort Trumbull State Park, and for New London. On Thursday, May 22nd, three time Tour de France winner, Greg LeMond, cycled around the fort, followed by a closely packed group of cyclists. Greg, who won the Tour in 1986, 1989 and 1990, was in New London with his old coach Bill Humphreys, Bike Guy LLC, and a large group of junior cyclists from the Mystic Velo Club to promote bicycling in the area and The Whaling City Cyclone Bicycle Race scheduled for June 22nd. Also at the fort were representatives from Dime Bank, a major sponsor of the race, and Dr. Chris Connaughty of Connaughty Chiropractics Center, sponsor of the Mystic Velo Junior Team.

Bill is sure that New London can become a cycling friendly community. He says that this race will have a “trickle-down effect” that will kick off an interest in cycling and it’s benefits. He says that before long, one could see rental bikes and paths ready for people coming off the ferry at the pier. Bill sees this not only because of the race and the cycling prestige it will bring to New London, but also because the area of Southeastern CT has “some of the most beautiful places to bike in the US.”

“Cycling is a sport for life,” Greg stated, saying that once one gets into it, it’s the kind of thing one sticks with. He mentioned how healthy cycling is, as it works against obesity and type-two diabetes. It is also a very mainstream sport and, as Greg put it, the “main form of fundraising.” This is because of its universal appeal since nearly anyone can partake. “Even someone not necessarily in shape can still ride and participate.” Greg explained this by saying that biking supports one’s weight and thus makes it easier to get into shape, adding that biking has to be “more than just for racing.”

When asked about the Fort Trumbull site, Greg said that it was “a nice spot for a race” – an “American style” race, to be specific. According to Greg, the most popular form of bike racing in the US is Criterium Racing as opposed to Exhibition Racing which is more popular in Europe. Exhibition Racing is normally held on long circuits and can last for several days or weeks at a time. Criterium Racing involves short circuits, usually less than five kilometers, and is more likely to be seen in city streets, which suits the roads around Fort Trumbull nicely. He said that this style of racing was best for developing racers and people who are just getting used to the sport.

The race itself will be held on June 22nd and will have several categories for racers of different ages and abilities. The race lengths will be from 15, 24, 35, and 50 miles long, 15 miles being 24 laps and 50 miles being 80 laps. For a nominal fee, bikers can enter for a chance to win cash prizes between $300 to $2,000. “People will be all over Fort Trumbull,” Bill said, saying that he expects approximately 500 racers to enter.
Before taking off on his final round through Trumbull, Greg said, “cycling is really the sport of the future,” even though the technology of the sport has not drastically changed, the “future is to have more bikes for transportation.” Bill added that he was “one phone call away from getting European, Dutch, and Haitian teams” out to the Trumbull track. With these kind of prospects, it looks like New London will soon have another attraction to add to its growing global stature.