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Metal Madness at Mohegan Sun

by Christopher Annino

Several weeks ago, Mohegan Sun took a gamble having another heavy metal concert. The results were amazing – all types of people flocked from New Jersey to RI to see Sebastian Bach, Dokken, and Poison perform.

The former Skid Row front man, and Broadway performer Sebastian Bach was the first to take the stage. Sebastian was on fire that night, as the performer’s voice glowed with brilliance. He managed to astonish the audience as he worked the stage like an acrobat. Sebastian did a few hits from his years with Skid Row and a few solo pieces. While singing the song “I’ll Remember You,” He dedicated it to a toddler who was sitting in the front row looking at him in awe. Sebastian ended the song by saying to the toddler “I’ll remember you kid, thank you for coming to the show.”

“After all these years, he is still hot, and is still amazing to see,” said Milford resident, Raisachasse.

When Dokken took the stage, they sounded better than ever. After an over ten year hiatus and a new line up, Dokken had a heavier rhythmic sound, but still managed to keep their eighties metal roots intact. Dokken played a few of their well-known hits from the eighties and late nineties, such as “Dream Warriors,” and “In My Dreams.” They also did songs from their new independently released album, Lightning Strikes Again.

Dokken set the mood for arguably one of the greatest American rock bands to emerge over the past two decades, Poison.

A sea of eager Poison fans gathered as fog flowed from the stage. Lead guitarist C.C. DeVille jumped out from stage and began whaling out one of the band’s all time hits, “Look What the Cat Dragged In.” Drummer Rikki Rocket and bassist Bobby Dall followed. Then lead singer Bret Michaels emerged from under the floor of the stage, and began dancing around with his microphone stand full of scarves. The night was full of guitar slinging antics with levitating drum sets, and an amazing pyrotechnics show. They played hit songs “Unskinny Bop,” “Talk Dirty To Me,” “Your Mamma Don’t Dance,” and “Nothing But a Good Time.”

Poison added a few rock ballads, including “Something to Believe In.” Bret dedicated the song to the men and women in the armed forces. Following that song, C.C. DeVille played a beautiful rendition of “Amazing Grace” on his electric guitar. The concert ended with several encore performances and an arena filled with happy fans.