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The Resident and Pawcatuck Neighborhood Center 2008 Hunger Awareness Month Project

by Vicki Anderson

A joint fundraising, “awareness-raising” project by The Resident and the Pawcatuck Neighborhood Center, once again brought about a number of wonderful things. We raised close to $4,000 to help feed children, on the federal “Free and Reduced Lunch Program” when they’re out of school over the summer months, and to help replenish our emergency food pantry shelves. Families face July and August knowing that they must now provide each of their children with 21 nutritious meals each week on a paycheck that probably didn’t grow as much ( if at all) as the cost of food has spiked.

We’ve watched tornadoes and floods hit the “bread basket” of the United States and the states that grow our oranges, lemons and apples. We know that all of this will have a profound effect on all of us at the grocery stores. Only through donations of the LOCAL community are able to meet the demands of our next door neighbors in need. We’ll need your help through the summer and through the year. Would you like to join our E-Mail Hunger Task Force? No meetings involved! You’ll receive an email when need items such as pasta sauce, macaroni, cereal or peanut butter. We CAN end local hunger!

Thank you for being a part of our local “Feed Your Neighbor” mission.

Ross Aiellos, Jr. ~ Cynthia Allyn ~ Scott Anderson

Vicki Anderson ~ Alexis Ann ~ Tony Antoch

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Andrea Bundy ~ Terry Burzawa ~ Jean Cahill

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