Submarine Officer Basic Course Graduation

GROTON (May 22, 2014) – Thirty-seven officers, “Class 14030”, graduated from the Submarine Officer Basic Course Thursday, 22 May

Captain Dale Green, USN, Shipyard Representative, Submarine Group Two, was the guest speaker.

Ensign Austin Anderson received the L. Y. Spear Award and a gold watch in recognition of his overall superior academic performance as the Basic Course Honor Graduate.

Ensign Andrew Moore was recipient of the Admiral Andrew I. McKee Award, given to the graduate who displays excellence in the submarine systems and diving trainer portions of the course and who demonstrates superior performance in the areas of submarine design and safety.

Lieutenant Daniel Cary was awarded the Naval Submarine League Tactical Excellence Award for achieving the greatest understanding of Target Motion Analysis (TMA) as measured by demonstrated proficiency in plotting mechanics and fire control system operation.

The Submarine Officer Basic Course is ten weeks in length and teaches officers the theory, instruction and operation of nuclear powered submarines. In preparation for their first submarine assignment, officers receive intensive instruction in areas to include shipboard organization, damage control, submarine safety and escape procedures, submarine weapons, fire control and sonar systems in order to be a fully contributing member of a ship’s wardroom from the day they report aboard.

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