Filmmaker Releases WWI Documentary

One hundred years ago this week World War One broke out and in America the news began spreading via newspaper from shore to shore.

A young Frank Buckles began following the war, he would end up being the last WWI Veteran of the United States. His official Buckles Senate B W smallspokesman and biographer began filming in 2006 and has just released the documentary Pershing’s Last Patriot, telling the story of his life and efforts for a national memorial in Washington DC.

“To begin with, Frank Buckles story is beyond description. When you take into account the last 5 years of his life, his fame, his advocacy and his patriotism and record that for history, it is a huge responsibility. What Washington DC did with him and his efforts to honor 4,734,991 veterans is a tremendous and tragic portion of American history. This 90-minute film chronicles it.” David DeJonge said who is the Director & Executive Producer of Pershing’s Last Patriot.

DeJonge formed the WWI Memorial Foundation and was critical in raising awareness about the abandoned DC WWI Memorial (local only and on the National Mall). Frank Buckles advocacy led to the restoration of this memorial. Ultimately the politicians would ask Buckles to testify before Senate at the age of 108 as to why there needed to be a WWI Memorial in Washington DC on the Mall.

Frank and Harry Coin copy“History unfolded before my eyes and I just started filming. To see this frail veteran and American icon have to testify was baffling. What Senate ultimately did with the law was horrific and we have the story on film for the world to see.” DeJonge continued, “I promised Frank I would fight and that is what we continue to do. After showing this film nationwide not one American has said to me there should not be a memorial on the Mall in DC and it is time the DC system listens to the people—listen to America.”

DeJonge who has given his life savings to continue this fight has released the documentary for sale this week and for rent on Vimeo in the next week. They are also offering commemorative coins through Kickstarter of Frank Buckles, the last American doughboy and Harry Patch the last British Tommy to help fund the ongoing effort. DeJonge interviewed and photographed Patch in 2007“What do you say when the last WWI Veteran asks you to carry the torch of honor for 5 million veterans? You do it. Has that taken a toll on our finances? You better believe it. Our powder kegs are lean but we press on.”

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