CBS Sunday Morning to feature feature the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center!


The O'neil CBS Sunday Banner

Great news!

We are pleased and proud to share that THIS SUNDAY, CBS Sunday Morning will air a feature on the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center, our contributions to the American theater, and the artists we’ve supported. Tune in Sunday morning, and check local listings, to catch the 50-year story of the “Launchpad of the American Theater” on CBS.

Rarely does American theater receive the attention that it will receive this weekend. This Sunday morning, on a national platform, all of us share the spotlight.

Don’t miss this chance to celebrate the O’Neill’s contributions to the theater world and the artists we have supported, wherever in the country you are.

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Visit cbs.comwww.theoneill.orgour Facebook, and our Twitter accounts for the video segment after it airs live Sunday morning.

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