Cardinal Gives With Flying Colors!

Photo  Template for the ResidentBy Alexis Ann

Here’s how it went down–disrespectful hoodlums stole the Garrison flag 12’ X 18’ from our beloved Liberty Flag Pole in the heart of downtown Mystic on Wednesday night.  The word of this obnoxious deed spread quickly and it was Steve Luft, VP Operations, Cardinal Honda, Groton, who heard it on the Lee Elsee Show 94.9 News Now on his way to work.

Always quick to help problem solve, Steve jumped on the case  by sharing the misfortunate news with Kim Cardinal-Piscatelli, VP, and dad, Stan Cardinal. “Let’s give them a flag,” said Stan and Kim in unison.

John Kennedy, VP Mystic Flag Committee, informed the Resident Good News of his call from Cardinal Honda on Thursday offering to donate a new 10’ X 15’ flag to the Flag Committee to replace the stolen one. “We gratefully accepted and picked it up yesterday.”

And that my friends is truly a GOOD NEWS story—giving with flying colors!

P.S. Be sure and attend the Flag Day ceremony on June 14 at 8 AM at Liberty Square.