Dear Editor…


Caroline Bryan, Dr. Brian Clement, Director, Hippocrates Health Institue, Jackie Campisi, OD, Greg Culver, and Dr. Chris Deveau, Chiropractor, East-West Chiropractic…photo by Tim Martin

Thank you for running our story on August 6.  I would like to share all the “good news” and reviews that came to us as a result.

I recently graduated from the Hippocrates Health Institute 3-week Life Transformation program in West Palm Beach, Florida, and lost 50 pounds in preparation for spinal surgery due to 4th stage metastatic cancer.  My intention was to share what I experienced and to inspire as many people as possible to personally discover the benefits of a living foods/vegan lifestyle.

One couple came after learning about the event at the Yale-New Haven Smilow Cancer Hospital.  This wonderful lady from Darien approached me following the Mystic lecture, explaining she had been the next patient in line after me at Smilow, and I had just shown your article to the radiology staff.  When they saw she was suffering from bone cancer too, they shared it with her.  She and her husband are now in Florida experiencing the Hippocrates program just as I did!

Following Dr. Clement’s lecture, fifteen others also signed up for the Hippocrates program. Many traveled from as far as MA, NH and PA.  One woman from NH who enrolled in the 3-week program said she came to the event because she had a dermatologist appointment in Mystic that day and read about it in your paper.

I met several neighbors I would not have met otherwise. One enrolled for the Life Transformation Experience and just came to our Stonington demonstration luncheon (below). She said that she was apprehensive about the diet change but once she participated in our workshop and tasted the food, she was totally looking forward to her stay in Florida.

Several other Hippocrates graduates purchased tickets and attended the event to provide their support. I’ve been invited to speak on topics from children’s nutrition to Future Societies.  I’ve even been asked to submit my vegan pie recipe to a cookbook co-authored by a New Jersey woman who heard about the turnout.  I was approached by an author to write a review to her book and was even asked to write my own book about this incredible experience.  And Dr. Clement’s staff has already put us on his lecture circuit for next year!

Greg and I are so fortunate to be the instruments of inspiration for others.  Our audience included many health practitioners ranging from audiologists, chiropractors, optometrists, naturopathic doctors, radiologists and RN’s, to medical physicians & surgeons. Reporters, photographers, friends and family gathered to hear that I am recovering from Stage 4 cancer using food as medicine.

The emails and calls of gratitude that Greg and I received told us we had accomplished our goal.  Thanks to this overwhelming response, we have launched a “Mini Hippocrates Immersion” program for those looking for more hands-on knowledge of how and why to grow sprouts.  Our guests enjoy a living-foods lunch/desert along with a 2-hr class on sprouting in Stonington.  Reservations can be made by emailing or calling 860 908-7432. (Limited seating).

An audio CD of the “Survive or Thrive” lecture is available for purchase for those who could not attend. Gracelyn Guyol will be interviewing us on her cable TV series, “Restoring Health Holistically,” The series will air on Channel 12 at 7pm on 10/15 and 10/22.  We are so grateful for the donations and generosity expressed by all who made the event possible, including The Resident!

Thank you,
Jackie Campisi


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Chelsea Groton Accepts Ice Bucket Challenge, Donates $1,500 to ALS Research

Chelsea Groton Accepts Ice Bucket Challenge, Donates $1,500 to ALS Research

Challenge: accepted.  Chelsea Groton Bank accepted a local bank’s friendly challenge to raise awareness for ALS research.  Led by President and CEO Michael Rauh, more than 70 employees joined together to participate in the challenge.  In addition to getting soaked for a good cause, Chelsea Groton Foundation donated $1,000 to the CT Chapter of the ALS Association and $500 to the ALS Soccer Cup in New London and called out the big national banks to match the donation proportionately. Visit to check out their challenge.

“In our 160 years of business, Chelsea Groton has never shied away from a challenge or responsibility so it was natural for us to join together, grab our buckets of ice water and answer the call,” remarked Michael Rauh.  “For us, it’s all about investing in the communities we serve to improve the quality of life for all.”

Since July 29, the ice bucket challenge has raised more than $100 million, donated by 3 million people, tofund cutting-edge research as well as care and support to people living with the disease.  To learn more about ALS association and the ice bucket challenge, visit

Cardinal’s “Project Graduation”

Cardinal Project Graduation

Westerly High School raffle winners (l-r) Chris Lombardo, Bryce Lombardo, Patty Lombardo, Dawn Pappadir, Michele Deary and Patty Michand are congratulated by (back) Jennifer Hardy, event coordinator and Kim Cardinal–Piscatelli, Cardinal Honda vice president.



Story & photo

By Robert J. O’shaughnessy

Cardinal Honda has always had a continued commitment to the community that it serves. In 1990 Cardinal Honda established the Cardinal Foundation. Since its establishment, the Foundation has made gifts to a wide variety of community organizations and events. One of those events is Cardinal Honda’s commitment to the preservation of the “drug and alcohol free graduation party”. 

This year was no different. On April 26, the Foundation conducted a “Project Graduation” recognition breakfast at the dealership in Groton. Fourteen area high schools were the beneficiaries of a gift to use as a raffle item.. 

The program began with a welcome and congratulatory address from Kim Cardinal–Piscatelli, Cardinal Honda vice president and Steve Luft, vice president of Operations. After a buffet breakfast, each high school was presented a 32” HD television to use as a raffle item to raise funds for their drug and alcohol free graduation parties. Each high school was entered into a drawing for a grand prize of $500 to use towards their senior event. The grand prizewinner drawn was Westerly High School!



The U.S. Real Estate Market: First Impressions Make or Break Sales

House In hands

The Interior Redecorators Network® (IRN), the international organization of one-day decorators with members in more than 100 cities, has been witnessing a strong trend across the U.S. this spring: Home sellers are putting more time and money than ever before into the outward appearance of houses and condos before putting properties on the market.

One of the reasons home front fix ups have gained popularity is the affordability of outdoor decor. Installing new coach lights and house numbers in coordinated metallic finishes can provide most houses and condos with an elegant, updated look, instantly, without requiring major investment. Repainting mailboxes and adding fresh mulch to garden beds and at the base of trees reflects good care without requiring a major investment. Solar plant lights add drama by illuminating pathways and landscaping for homes shown in the evening and can be moved to new residences after properties have sold, if desired.

Real estate brokers are some of the biggest proponents of exterior enhancements as many prospective buyers refuse to get out of the car to view homes that don’t show well from the street. “First impressions are powerful. Buyers either want to see more or move onto another house, based on the appearance of a home’s exterior,” says Dina Maddock, a licensed real estate agent with Adache Real Estate in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. IRN founder, Lauri Ward, concurs. “Like blind dates that don’t advance to the next level because of lack of attraction, homes that don’t look appealing from the outside won’t entice prospective buyers to look further, today.”

The Interior Redecorators Network is a 501C not-for-profit trade organization of certified interior redecorators located across North America and in Australia, Europe and South America. The organization’s founder, Lauri Ward, recognized for pioneering the one day room makeover niche, has become known through her frequent television appearances on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” ABC Evening News,” The Today Show,” various HGTV shows as well as many other national programs and publications..

For more information on the Interior Redecorators Network, Resale-Ready™, and to locate a certified interior redecorator near you, go to

Jonelle Tannahill, Information Officer
Interior Redecorators Network
916 833-7807 or 916 660-9249

Read more news from Interior Redecorators Network.

Charles W. Morgan Begins 38th Voyage


Tallship the Charles W. Morgan

On the weekend of May 17th, the whaling barque CHARLES W. MORGAN will make her first port of call in over seventy years with a stop at New London’s City Pier. This will also mark the first visit by a wooden whaling ship to New London in nearly a century, an event which is part of the MORGAN‘s historic 38th voyage. So historic is this voyage that the United States Coast Guard has designated the required permitting as “an event of national significance.”


When the MORGAN first came to Mystic some 75 years ago, she was set in a berth of gravel, with the quite reasonable expectation that age and decay had relegated her to a role as permanent display. And then a remarkable revelation and a new frame of mind emerged; first, the discovery that the ship could be floated, leading to decades as floating, mostly static, display; then, the restoration of these past five years, and the bold decision to return her to her native element.


The 38th voyage of the MORGAN has planned visits to Newport RI, Nantucket Island, New Bedford and Boston, MA, and points in-between. But the choice of New London, once America’s second most productive whaling port, was made for practical reasons, befitting that history and the working aspects of sailing America’s oldest commercial vessel. The Morgan will be docking in New London for final outfitting, the rigging of spars, bending on of sails, and loading of ballast, operations not possible at her home port of Mystic.


These events, set amidst this voyage of a lifetime, will be held on May 24 and 25, and again on May 31 and June 1st. The Charles W. Morgan will then make several trial sails, to allow her captain and crew to learn the intricacies of handling this revered ship. At the conclusion of her 38th voyage, the Morgan will return to New London, fully rigged this time. This entire process affords a one-time opportunity for today’s children to tell tomorrow’s heirs that, once, they witnessed a wooden whaling ship under sail in New London harbor.


Easter Morning Sunrise

Morning Sunrise

Beautiful Easter Sunrise

As Worshippers gather atop Meetinghouse Rocks at the Avery Memorial Chapel of First Congregational Church of Norwich, they were greeted with this beautiful image for Easter mooring sunrise services Sunday.  The Rev. William Dunlap commented on the vision by saying “God is good, and blessed us with this vision of hope for the rest of the year to come.”  He went on o say “We have all Become a Different Person This Morning.”