Stress or No Stress, Life Goes On

bryan_goldenBryan Golden
“Dare to Live Without Limits”

“Sometimes my mind is like a sponge. Sometimes my mind is like a sieve. It doesn’t matter, either way I live.” —Frieda Feldman

Life doesn’t always go in the direction we hope for or want. Circumstances vary. Sometimes situations are perfect. At other times they are less than ideal. Although we go through cycles, life always goes on.
It’s easy to get caught up with what is happening to you at the moment while losing track of the bigger picture. People get hung up on both large and small issues. It’s normal to have good and bad days when it comes to memory. Some things are easy to remember, while others are elusive. There is no point to worrying about it. If you are more forgetful than you would like, write those things down you need to remember. No biggie!
Do you get stressed when you forget something? If anything, stress impedes your memory because it preoccupies your brain. Whether you have a good memory or not, life goes on. You’ve got to work with what you have and adjust as necessary.
Regardless of any frustrations you are struggling with, life does indeed move forward. It doesn’t matter how you feel, what your attitude is, or how tired you may be. The earth keeps turning and tomorrow will always arrive. (Test that one tonight: it works!)
You must move forward even if the solution isn’t ideal. No one is thrilled when their memory isn’t as good as they would like. What’s the big deal if you have to write more things down than you used to? John returned to college after 20 years. He quickly discovered he had to spend more time studying than most of the other students. If he wanted to pass, John needed to adapt by simply putting in the additional effort required.
The incomes of Mary and her husband Fred were lower than they had hoped for. Although they were comfortable, Mary and Fred couldn’t afford the bigger apartment and newer car they wanted. Finally, they realized that stressing out accomplished nothing except weakening their relationship. They cultivated an attitude of gratitude for what they had—while exploring various options to earn more money. They did what they could with what they had!
Dave was always athletic and loved participating in sports. Now in his 50’s, Dave was dismayed he didn’t have the same stamina or ability he had in his 20’s. Being sedentary wasn’t an option for Dave, so Dave did what he had to do: He spent more time warming up, didn’t play quite as hard, and gave his body more time to recover. You have to formulate a strategy to deal with whatever you are facing. You can find a solution, take mitigating steps, change your direction, or remove yourself from the situation. Understand that…and you’ll feel better, and live better.
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