Chelsea Groton Offers Help During Shutdown

Customers whose jobs are affected by the government shutdown may qualify for relief and assistance from Chelsea Groton Bank. Each customer situation will be very different, so bank employees have been instructed to identify situations and to work with managers and senior managers to find an appropriate resolution. If customers are in need of financial assistance as a result of the government shutdown, please visit a Chelsea Groton branch or call the Customer Care Center at 860.448.4200. Relief may be in the form of loan assistance, special payment programs, or financial counseling. Chelsea Groton Bank will work with each customer on a case-by-case to determine if a program can be created to ease their financial hardship.
Michael Rauh, President and CEO said, “We know our region is heavily dependent on federal government jobs, both directly and indirectly. Our leading position in both deposits and mortgage loans means a substantial number of our customers may be affected.” Michael continued, “We will be sensitive to this situation and do what’s right to help our customers through it.”
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