Rowers Race with Tradition

IMG_1167The sun poked out from the clouds just in time on August 3 to make a “beautiful rowing day” for the New London Currach Rowers—and four other teams they hosted for the Third Annual Regatta on the Thames River off Fort Trumbull State Park.
New London Currach Rowers is the one-and-only team in Connecticut to row these light and seaworthy, traditional Irish rowboats. Formerly covered with stitched animal hides, modern currachs are built of canvas stretched over a wooden frame. The boats can hold up to four rowers and they are a deep part of Irish tradition going back well over a thousand years.
The North American Currach Association boasts ten teams nationally. East Coast crews from Albany, Annapolis, Boston, and Philadelphia joined New London for the city’s regatta, consisting of eight different races. Each team boated classes for four women, four men, two women plus two men, three women, three men, two men plus one woman, two women, and two men. The Boston rowers took home the regatta trophy.
To join, write to; New London’s website is
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