There is Beauty in All Weather

Bryan Golden

We’ve all heard the maxim, “You have to be able to weather the storm.” But in reality, severe storms occur infrequently. Although at times we are faced with unusually trying situations, fortunately these tend to be the exception. Like the weather, our lives go through normal fluctuations.
Your days can be sunny, overcast, hot, cold, rainy, windy, or calm. Regardless of the conditions, you go about your business. You make accommodations in the way you dress or what you do. Some events, like a picnic, will be postponed in the event of inclement weather but life still goes on.
Although a perfect day is thought to be sunny, mild, and calm, there is beauty in all types of weather. Nature requires a variety of cycles for a healthy environment and therein lies the elegance. Too much of any one type of weather causes problems.
An extended period of time without rain causes a drought, while too much rain results in a flood. In order to thrive, nature requires a constant variety of weather. We should appreciate this diversity and see the beauty in all weather.
Similarly, there is beauty in the cycle of life. There are good times, as well as challenges. Some things work as planned, others don’t. There are problems with obvious solutions as well as obstacles that are persistent.
Just as some people always complain about the weather, there are also those who constantly find fault with life. In both cases, griping is useless. The weather and life are two examples where there are elements beyond your control. The one thing you do have total control over is your attitude.
People who tend to be happy and upbeat are the ones who can find the beauty in all conditions. It’s a mindset that goes one step beyond seeing the glass as half full. It is looking at the glass as overflowing.
As you go through the various cycles of your life, look for the beauty in each stage. This is easy when things are good, but challenging when times are less than ideal. So, how can you find the beauty?
Recognize that all things happen for a reason. Although it may not be obvious, there is something good that can be found. Adversity encourages you to examine many aspects of your life that might have otherwise gone unappreciated or unrecognized.
Very often, an unexpected turn of events forces people to change direction. Altering your course can lead to new opportunities. There are many examples of individuals who are thankful for the turn of events that lead to their current situation.
Not only are life’s ups and downs OK, they are unavoidable. Just as a ship floats freely up and down with the passing of each wave, you can handle any fluctuation you are faced with. Instead of becoming dejected, welcome each wave as energy that can propel you forward.
Changing your perspective is key. When facing a downturn, consider all that is still good rather than getting caught up in what is wrong. Seek out the beauty. Think about how many times have you have gazed at beautiful clouds lazily floating in the sky.
Life is special and beautiful. It is a shame not to appreciate it. Your outlook is up to you. Don’t you want to be happy and content rather than miserable? Start by finding the beauty in all weather. Then you will be on your way to making the most of whatever you are facing.
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