Matchmaker says Marriage Not Contrary to Freedom

Best-selling author, Hellen Chen speaks about relationships. She has introduced more than 50 couples, now happily married.

Best-selling author, Hellen Chen speaks about relationships. She has introduced more than 50 couples, now happily married.

by Susan Cornell

Hellen Chen from Los Angeles, California, is a well-respected business consultant, international speaker, author, relationship coach…and matchmaker.

Today she can also add to her repertoire a starring role in a documentary about love. The full-length documentary, “Let’s Fall in Love,” focuses on real-life love stories taken from Hellen’s bestselling book, “Matchmaker of the Century.” Hellen focuses on her belief that genuine freedom comes only when true love is slowly discovered—through the comfort and reassurance of marriage.

Hellen began her career in matchmaking by chance. As a business consultant, she’d been asked many times about personal relationships. Hellen took the questions to heart, discovering that many reflected a distorted view of marriage based on erroneous reasoning that marriage took away freedom.

Hellen thus came to focus on people who have lost faith in marriage or people who simply believed that marriage places limits on one’s freedom. She is quick to point out that her approach differs from most matchmakers, who work with people who are seeking someone “special” and then getting married.

Hellen began introducing her acquaintances and today she speaks with pride when she reminisces about the more than 50 couples who have married because of her matchmaking.

But what is a marriage that fosters freedom? Helen maintains that, “It is both persons wanting to have a family together, love each other and raise children together and learn from each other, grow together and share all their good and bad times with each other, go through thick and thin.”

She advocates that in a healthy, happy marriage the couple has the freedom to put energy into other valued objectives in their lives—such as education, career, hobbies etc.; genuine freedom is only possible because they have the security of knowing that they are grounded in a healthy relationship.

Hellen has written 19 bestselling books. Her most notable is “Matchmaker of the Century” which has become a bestseller in several categories including self-help, romance, marriage, and family. Couples who are interested in joining Hellen’s “Love you forever campaign,” reading her books, or finding more information about her documentary can locate information of Hellen’s WEB site