Dominion’s Bulkeley to Receive Bethsaida Impact Award

by Susan Cornell

Nancy Bulkeley

Nancy Bulkeley

Nancy Bulkeley, Community Affairs Representative for Dominion Nuclear Connecticut, will receive the Bethsaida Community Impact Award at the Community‘s Fifth Annual Gala on April 25 at The Spa at Norwich Inn.

The mission of Bethsaida Community in Norwich is “to create a hope, a home, a family for homeless or at risk women.”  The vision is to create “additional supportive housing opportunities and related services,” and successful program graduates become employed and live independently.

For 17 years, Nancy has been in the nuclear industry, working in communications, human resources, and public affairs. Earlier, she’d been in banking for 16 years.

Bulkeley’s charge, she explains, “is basically to be out in the community representing Dominion.” Thus, much of her work focuses on the Dominion Foundation, which provides funds for local non-profits. She finds herself “meeting with them when they’re looking for funding, finding out what they’re looking for, and explaining our criteria.”

“We are thrilled to honor Nancy Bulkeley with the Bethsaida Community Impact Award,” says Claire Silva, Executive Director of Bethsaida Community, Inc.

“Nancy and the Dominion Foundation have supported Bethsaida’s programs for several years.  Nancy brings a personal element to her position.  She cares about the work being done by Bethsaida and other non-profits in the area.  She is committed to the ideal that clients have the best services and resources available, and that the community works collaboratively towards bridging gaps and creating solutions.”

Nancy has chaired the United Way of Southeastern Connecticut from 2011 to 2012, and is president of the Long Island Sound Foundation Board, a member of the Southeastern Connecticut Enterprise Region (seCTer) board, and a trustee for the Chamber of Commerce of Southeastern Connecticut. Additionally, she supports education programs and minority outreach programs.

The Pawcatuck resident believes in connecting business and education and she co-chairs the Chamber of Commerce Education Council Committee. She explains: “We’re getting businesses and schools together because it’s so important for students to know what businesses do and the opportunities there are.”

The committee promotes two programs, one of which is job shadowing “to get students out to businesses just to job shadow for a day and get the opportunity to see what folks do.”

The other is called, “Whose Job is it Anyway?” It’s a reference to the old game show, “What’s My Line?” She explains, “We have a panel of businesspeople and students, and the students ask the panel members what they do and they have to try figure out what they do for a career.”

“It’s just so important to get businesses and schools together, so schools understand businesses and businesses can understand how we can help the school system—it’s a two-way street,” she says.

Nancy says she is “so impressed with the programs Bethsaida has for women who are homeless, who are struggling.” She adds, “It made a real impression on me with how they help the women, and the staff is pretty awesome.”

“Non-profits in this area do so much for the community,” she adds. “Southeastern Connecticut is a great place to live. There’s a lot of dedicated, committed people in this area who volunteer and help out.”