Mystic & Noank Library Receives Rotary Grant

The Mystic & Noank Library recently received a $250 grant from the Rotary Club of Mystic to purchase new children’s books on DVD, which help develop pre-reading skills as children listen to stories and read along with the video on their television or computer screen.
The Library has over 300 children’s and teen’s books on DVD and updates its collections regularly.  “We are grateful for the Rotary Club of Mystic’s ongoing support of our programs,” said Roberta Donahue, Children’s Librarian.  “Since we have been adding books to our online e-reader library, we need extra funding to continue to add to our DVD collection in the Library.”
The Mystic and Noank Library is a public association library established in 1893 by Captain Elihu Spicer, who donated the land and building for the communities of Mystic and Noank.