Lifestyles: How to Deal With Frustration

Bryan GoldenAuthor of  “Dare to Live Without Limits”

Bryan Golden
Author of “Dare to Live Without Limits”

Frustration is something you have to deal with on your road to achievement.  The journey is rarely smooth or as fast as you would like.  If life were perfect, frustration wouldn’t exist.  Although life is great, it is not perfect.  So you need to work to ensure frustration won’t get the best of you.  Let’s first look at the causes of frustration and then cover some strategies for coping with it.

One basis for frustration is impatience.  Today, more than ever, people expect instant results.  We have become so used to high speed technology like computers, the internet, cell phones, email, text messages, that we want all aspects of life to be just as fast.

Although we are surrounded by modern marvels which function at a breakneck pace, the basic principles of achievement operate at the same rate they always have.  There is a certain amount of time required to make progress.  Exactly how long something will take is not always known.  Frustration is exacerbated when you set a time limit that is unreasonably short.

We get frustrated when comparing what we have to others who have more.  There’s nothing wrong with ambition.  It’s motivational to want to achieve more.  It’s when you feel you are in a contest with someone else that frustration grows.

Obstacles, especially unexpected ones, frequently generate frustration.  Obstacles have the tendency to emerge at the most inopportune times, thus magnifying their impact.  They demand extra energy that we usually don’t have.

Always wanting more, without an appreciation for all you have, leads to frustration.  Those who are never satisfied find happiness elusive.  Unhappy people are frustrated people.  These people are like a dog chasing its tail; regardless of how fast the dog is, the tail will always be out of reach.

Here are some suggestions for coping with the above causes of frustration.  Succeeding takes time.  Focus on enjoying life and savoring the journey.  Keep your eye on the destination while enjoying the scenery along the way.

It doesn’t matter what other’s have.  You aren’t in competition with them.  A surprising number of people who have the outward appearance of success are very unhappy.  Don’t be jealous of what you think they have.

Take the necessary action to work toward your goals.  Action goes a long way to reducing frustration because you are not just waiting for something to happen.  Obstacles and setbacks are unavoidable.  There is a solution to every problem.  You have inside you what it takes to keep going.  If you stumble and fall, get back up and keep going.

It doesn’t matter what other people say, think, or do.  You don’t need their acceptance to be successful.  Appreciate all you have.  Develop an attitude of gratitude.  When you are thankful for the good in your life you will always have more than you need.  Although you can’t eliminate frustration, you can minimize it.