Crunch! Mmmmmm! Cookies!

Girl Scoutsby John Stratton

OK, here we go: Samoas! Trefoils! Do-Si-Dos! Tagalongs!  But Wait, There’s More!

But you already know them all…Girl Scout Cookies!  Yes, it’s that time again.

Eight flavors and 47,300 girls can’t be wrong. And that’s just in Connecticut, as Girl Scout troops do their annual fundraising for a myriad projects to improve the community.

Cookie ordering from individual Scouts has just started, and booth sales will begin a week or so depending on your town. If you don’t know any Girl Scouts and want to buy cookies, contact the Scouts at product or 800.922.2770 ext. 3305.

Yes, it’s a tradition. A little over a century ago, the Scouts say, “Juliette Gordon Low brought to life her vision of an opportunity for girls to develop physically, mentally, and spiritually by connecting with one another and their communities.” Their cookie tradition—in 1917 appearing first as self-baked, neighborhood-sold in Muskogee, Oklahoma—blossomed in the ensuing decades to a national icon. The vast cookie volumes required licensed bakers to turn out quality cookies for the masses…with recognizably identical recipes and freshness, but for new generations of  charmingly enthusiastic salespeople.

A new wrinkle this year, “Cookies for Heroes,” allows you to donate boxes to servicepeople far away. The Scouts explain, “When you order your cookies from a Girl Scout or buy at a booth, just let them know how many boxes you would like to donate. The girl will collect the money, and Girl Scouts of Connecticut will ensure the cookies are sent to women and men serving our country. You can also write a message to be sent with the cookies, or help us fill the virtual truck on”

It’s a gesture that goes right back to World War I: That’s why we can share recollections of the cookies, and why we always order our favorites.  The annual Girl Scout Cookie campaign begins now—so get on board—crunch!