Brave Discoveries Herald Happiness

Bryan Golden

Bryan Golden
Author of “Dare to Live Without Limits”

Great discoveries are made, and breakthroughs take place, when directions are not followed or instructions are ignored.  This is because directions and instructions are based on what is understood at the time.  It’s impossible to give guidance on how to venture into the unknown.

This creates a dilemma since we all seek guidance in order to maximize our chances for success.  There is also a measurable level of comfort derived by staying within familiar boundaries.  It feels much safer to follow an existing path rather than blaze a new one.  This results in a fear of doing what has never been done before.

Your discoveries don’t have to change the course of history.  There is much room for personal discovery that impacts your quality of life and future.  These types of discoveries positively influence the course of your journey.

As we grow up, we are given many directions as to how we should live.  Much of the advice is worthwhile.  But we have to distinguish those suggestions that limit our discoveries.  You’ve probably heard some of the following: “Be realistic,” “Don’t rock the boat,” “Stop daydreaming,” “Find something secure,” “Limit your risks,” and “Don’t take chances.”  Let’s examine each one.

“Be realistic.”  Realistic is subjective.  What’s realistic for one person is restrictive for another.  Being “realistic” is usually used to discourage your aspirations.  Something is considered unrealistic only when it has not yet been attempted or it is not yet mainstream.

“Don’t rock the boat.”  Shaking things up gives you a new outlook.  Often a different perspective is required to uncover hidden opportunities.  You rock the boat when you move around and even hang over the side.  If you are not rocking the boat then you are just sitting there.  The result? Nothing will happen.

“Stop daydreaming.” Day- dreaming leads to aspirations.  It stimulates your imagination, creating a mental vision your mind will work on to make a reality.  Daydreaming has no limitations.  It gives you a sensation that anything is possible, which it is.

“Find something secure.”  Security is equated to a guarantee.  Nothing in life is guaranteed, especially when you depend on someone else to provide it.  The only person you can depend on is yourself.  You control your thoughts and actions.

“Limit your risks.”  Exactly how much should you limit them?  What are risks anyway?  Each person has their own understandings.  You take risks whenever you leave your home.  You don’t want to be reckless where risks far outweigh any benefits.  But risk is required to reach a desired destination.

“Don’t take chances.”  This statement associates chances with failure.  The implication is that by taking chances you have the chance of failure.  Failure is only something that didn’t work out as planned.  As long as you never give up, you never really fail.

There are limitless discoveries awaiting you.  Learn from those who have gone before you and then blaze you own path.  You have to write your own operations manual.  Ignore any discouraging instructions.  You will be venturing into unexplored territory so there won’t be any map.  Great happiness awaits those who are willing to make discoveries.