Local Country & Folk Artist Releases Album

W. Richard Johnson - "Moments in Time"Independent record label Tate Music Group recently announced the release of North Kingston, RI country crooner W. Richard Johnson’s new album titled “Moments in Time.

W. Richard Johnson’s journey in music began when he was still a young lad. He used to sing for his family whenever they would go on trips. His love for music continued on when he decided to major in music when he reached college. Not only that, but he was also quite active in his local church choir. He knew then that this is what he wanted to do with his life, and so he worked hard to achieve his dreams and to be the artist he is today.

The album “Moments in Time” is packed with good old country tunes with a lot of heart and soul. Listeners would surely appreciate W. Richard Johnson’s comforting approach in country music. With tracks such as “Dance with Me” and “Not Alone,” fans would definitely be left wanting for more music from W. Richard Johnson!

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