Restaurant Write-up: Fisherman

New Winter Menu
December 8, 2012

Ocean to table from day one!

One of the newer culinary trends is to identify the sources of the products that are served in many restaurants today. Our chef has built long term relationships over the years with some of the highest quality vendors available. We’ve always cared!

Arguably, the world’s finest scallops come from nearby Stonington; the Bomster family has been harvesting this consistently superior product for generations now. Stop in at the Stonington town dock and you can buy their scallops and see the boats that landed them at the same time!

We have sources in Point Judith Rhode Island and Northern Maine that are simply the best. Codfish or fluke? We can make a call and find out the name of the boat that landed it, where they fished and maybe even the captain’s name; how’s that for source?

For our meats we rely on custom cut butchers from the very top of the line vendors; this means proper, sanitary and safe food service for our customers with fantastic quality.

We love to do interesting and eclectic salads and accompaniments and our produce comes from a vendor that you will only see at the very best quality restaurants and local farms are supported.

We are here for you our guests with the freshest and the best!

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