Hurricane Sandy Brings Out the Best

First Lieutenant Colonel Richard B. Hansen, HQ 19th Special Forces Group (Airborne) 1st SF, Utah Army National Guard awards Alexis Ann a Special Forces Coin in 1979.

Well, we got through it, mostly.

Hurricane Sandy proved kind to some and harsh to many, but brought out the best in us. In downtown Mystic, the good news is that it blew out the view-blocking Green Wall, and that the infrastructure will be in place by the end of the year, according to Rod Desmarais, a partner in Historic Mystic LLC. For those of us who sustained damage, FEMA forms must be filled out: go to and then to, or call 800.621.3362 to start the process; it’s due by December 31.

The Resident’s office lost power for a week along with our neighbors, causing us to miss an issue for the first time in 22 years… but the good news is that all is back to normal. Let’s put our hands together for all the restaurateurs who served us during those power-less days. My rounds included Anthony J’s, the Ancient Mariner, Avanti’s, Mystic Pizza, and Carson’s. All were cheerful and helpful to the storm-weary. Also, kudos–bigtime–to the crews of CL&P and Groton Utilities for a great job!

Throughout this issue, you’ll read stories which give thanks to our Veterans, those who served us with pride and who are friends and neighbors in our communities. Their skills and strength enrich us all.

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Thanks, Vets… and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Alexis Ann
editor & publisher