Antiques: License Plates

Q: During the 1960s, I purchased a set of vanity license plates with the logo “Texaco.” I understand that my plates were one of a kind, and I would now like to sell them.
— Tom, Holly Hill, FL

A: License plates have become popular with collectors in recent years. Some of the earliest ones were made of porcelain and can now bring hundreds of dollars in the marketplace. Typical prices are a 1935 Colorado plate, $45; a 1915 Texas plate, $300; a 1939 New York plate, $35; and an Arizona solid-copper plate, $40.

2 thoughts on “Antiques: License Plates

  1. Jocasta

    License plates have never been made of porcelain. The closest is “porcelain enamel”, itself a misnomer for a material more correctly called “vitreous enamel”.

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