The Sun Experience: Great Gaming and a Comminuty Hub

Bruce S. Bozsum“Two Dogs,” Chairman of the Mohegan Tribal Council.

At the Mohegan Tribe, we are proud of our New England roots, and we are working to continue to provide one of the best casino experiences to our visitors from all over the world – and our region.
Our casino and resort was born out of the long struggle by the Mohegan people for their land and a rightful place in the community.   Before we opened our doors in 1996, we had a mission to build Mohegan Sun as a reflection of the best of the Mohegan people.  Working with a fantastic team of designers and builders, we created a place based on the heritage and history of the Mohegan Tribe. We strongly believe that the mood and the feel of Mohegan Sun have created a distinctive destination that is not like any other casino in the United States.
Now, as our business model continues to evolve, we are conscious that we provide more than gaming.  Families in southeastern Connecticut have come to think of Mohegan Sun as a place to shop, dine, and attend world-class music and sporting events.   We want to be able to keep going strongly in these areas, and we look forward to seeing many of you joining the thousands of visitors who walk through Mohegan Sun’s doors every day.   We believe that we have created a community hub, and it gives us great satisfaction to know that residents of southeastern Connecticut enjoy the facility so much.
As we face growing competition from existing casinos in New York and Rhode Island, along with the threat of new completion in Massachusetts, we are striving to keep our home base in Connecticut strong.
Our guests at Mohegan Sun should be assured that the members of the Mohegan Tribal Council will continue to seek out the best of the best for our business enterprise, and continues to look for ways to sustain our economic engine.   We look forward to the future with our new President and CEO Bobby Soper who brings his own tribal heritage to the table, and was there at the beginning with us.  Bobby has had years of successful experience as both a business executive and community leader for Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, and it is a great pleasure to say that we are welcoming him back home.
Please visit us to enjoy what we consider to be much more than just a gaming experience, and to celebrate an important part of our region’s heritage.

Thank You,

Bruce S. Bozsum “Two Dogs”
Mohegan Tribal Council