Pumpkin Seedlings Sprout Success

Hard to believe…but true! This 1,200-pound Great Pumpkin is this year’s fall feature at Whittle’s Willow Spring Farm. Alexis and Rick Whittle marvel at the harvest in Mystic.

Agriculture is a mainstay of Southeastern Connecticut, and is enjoying a resurgence with the local-produce movement. We have skills, traditions, soil, and weather to keep “Connecticut Grown” a source of pride…so see what’s coming up on pages 7 and 20. Don’t forget to take the kids to see Whittle’s Big White Pumpkin in Mystic and sample delicious Macoun apples.
Seeds planted today can flourish in old soils…the Central Railroad passenger tour from New London to Willimantic—and then on up as far as Brattleboro, Vermont—offered opinion leaders a fresh look at potentials for economic development along the old tracks, which were once integral to our prosperity. Take the ride on page 4!
Likewise, carefully nurtured skills yield brilliantly crafted items for hearth and home at The Lyme Tree Woman’s Exchange, a local exemplar of a tradition that’s 180 years old…knit one, purl two to page 4.
On the academic side, the relationship of students to their future careers is nothing if not a process of growth and harvest, of learning and application. See how schools are adapting to the changing economy on page 10.
And just sometimes… there’s a big win!  See how the dream of John Willis came true, with the collaboration of our community, on page 19.
We’re well into autumn’s fruitfulness…so enjoy its many blessings.
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Alexis Ann
editor & publisher