Andrea Willets Empowers Women

story & photo
by Maren Schober

l-r Laura Vincent, graduate of the Katie Blair House program at Bethsaida Community in Norwich, Andrea Willets, main speaker at the Empowering Women Breakfast to benefit the Bethsaida Community, and Claire Silva, executive director of the Bethsaida Community, inspire community members at the Empowering Women Breakfast fundraiser held Oct. 11 at Conn College.

Hi.  I’m Andrea and I’m a recovering apology addict!”
So starts the speech given by Andrea Willets of North Stonington at the “Empowering Women Breakfast” October 11th in the dining hall of Blaustein Building at Conn College, New London.  Andrea is the motivational speaker at this fundraiser to benefit the Bethsaida Community of Norwich.
What she has to say hits home for all of us and keeps us laughing at ourselves:
“So many of us find ourselves over apologizing for our actions, don’t we? How many of you apologized before you left home for this breakfast, saying ‘I’m so sorry I can’t make your breakfast this morning! I have a meeting.  I am sorry I can’t drive you to school today. I am sorry I can’t walk the dog.’
“I wrote a poem several years ago, when I woke up to the damage over apologizing was having on my own life.”
I’m Sorry, No More
I’m sorry for not doing enough, doing too much, not being enough, being too much…
I’m sorry for the inconvenience, of my neediness, over sensitivity, my weakness is raw…
STOP…be still in all of it.
I’ve made myself so small.
I surrender it.
The real tragedy; I have wasted so much of my time being sorry…I’m sorry no more.”
“So what is the solution?  Pause.  Pause before saying ‘I’m sorry.’  Consider what is at stake.  Consider if an apology is needed or not?    The answer is to love and accept   all of who you are. You are enough!”