Ledge Light Federal Credit Union Becomes ‘Scient’ FCU

Bruce J. Fafard, President and CEO of Ledge Light/Scient FCU

Ledge Light Federal Credit Union is now Scient Federal Credit Union, effective October 9. Along with the name change, a new “identity” and website (www.scientfcu.org) become part of the credit union’s 40-year traditions.
The credit union, headquartered at 60 Colver Avenue in Groton, decided to change its name after two years of extensive research and analysis with both members and non-members across the nation.
“We have experienced strong nationwide growth in the last few years due to the constant loyalty and support of our members,” said President and CEO, Bruce Fafard. “In order to continue providing them with a vibrant credit union, we realized we needed a name that was relatable to members everywhere; a name and brand that would deliver a solid foundation for healthy, sustained growth. Scient Federal Credit Union truly encompasses who we are as a member-owned financial institution, and the people we serve.”
Credit union members have been reassured that this change is not a result of a merger or acquisition, and it will not affect staff, their accounts, or any credit union information other than the name.
“While our name is changing, our values and dedication to each and every member will remain,” said Fafard. “We promise to be there for our members at every phase of their lives, providing services and support to help achieve their financial goals and dreams.”
An Open House is being hosted at the credit union headquarters from October 9-12 during normal business hours. Members—and anyone interested in getting to know Scient Federal Credit Union—are invited to stop by and personally say hello to Bruce Fafard and the rest of the financial team.
The credit union reaches back four decades to origins in the Pfizer community. Scient Federal Credit Union is a member-owned, federally insured, non-profit organization that has been serving the needs of life science professionals and their families for more than 40 years. Established in Groton in 1968 as Pfizer Employees Credit Union, the credit union has expanded from coast to coast and now provides banking services to more than 12,000 members through 4,550 affiliate branches, 28,000 no-fee ATMs, and 24/7 mobile banking. Total assets exceed $200 million.
For more information, call 860.445.1060 or 800.525.5943, stop by a Scient service center, or visit www.scientfcu.org.