Dragon’s Egg Hatches in Big Apple

story & photo
by Anna Trusky

Marya Ursin of Stonington, Managing Director of the Dragon’s Egg in Ledyard.

In a mellow Ledyard meadow wreathed by leafy woodlands near 401 Shewville Road, a Dragon’s Egg nestles amongst the wildflowers, watched over by whimsical sculptures. But worry not—this egg won’t unleash fire-breathing creatures onto the landscape!
Rather, it hatches dance and theater to delight the senses, such as a new show that ran September 29 and 30 in New York City, “Dragon’s Egg at The Construction Company.” The show included two concerts of dance, theater, music, and monologue created by more than a dozen artists and performance companies that have had residencies at the Dragon’s Egg, a six-sided studio and performance space owned and managed by Marya Ursin and Dan Potter of Stonington.
Marya and Dan originally built “the Egg” to serve as a rehearsal home for their masked theater troupe, the Mystic Paper Beasts, which started up in Southeastern Connecticut in the mid-1970’s. They have since created a successful artists-in-residence program at the Egg that attracts dancers, playwrights, actors, poets, and musicians from local realms such as the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center’s National Theater Institute (NTI) in Waterford and Connecticut College in New London, as well as such farther-away climes as Hartford, Boston, New York City, Vermont, California, and the United Kingdom.
The Dragon’s Egg at The Construction Company, which Marya is producing,enlists the talent of alumni from both NTI and Connecticut College performing original work.   Desiring to put together a showcase of talented performers who’d had residencies at the Dragon’s Egg, she contacted Carolyn Lord, the lighting designer who is the director of the New York company.
Marya praised The Construction Company, saying that, “Everyone there is very skillful and professional, and it is a wonderful place to do new and innovative work. Since each of the performers has his or her own following, this show provides the opportunity for multiple audiences to see work that they might not normally get to experience. It is really a cross-fertilization!”
The Dragon’s Egg has a rich array of concerts, poetry readings, theatrical presentations, and other events all year round. Highlights included its annual Autumn Dance Party (coming up on October 27), a yearly Holiday Craft Sale, Summer Narrative Project, Earth Day celebration, African dance and drumming, as well as yoga, meditation, fitness, and other classes. For more information about the show in New York, contact Marya at dragonseggstudio@gmail.com, or visit www.dragonseggstudio.org.