Brick Walls – Tear Them Down!

by Bryan Golden
You have objectives you want to accomplish.  Some of them are easily achieved.  Others are more challenging.  Then there are times when you feel as if you are up against a brick wall when trying to achieve some goals.  When this happens, it seems as if it’s impossible to make any progress.
What should you do when you are facing a brick wall?  Some people will give up, resigning themselves to accepting their goals as unattainable.  They may also justify their quitting by thinking that it must not be meant to be.  Failure only occurs when one quits.  Therefore, quitting is not a suitable strategy.
Brick walls test your resolve.  The only people who get past them are those who want to reach their objective badly enough.  The reason there are fewer successful people than unsuccessful ones is because of the deterrent effect of brick walls.
In order to get past a brick wall you must be more than motivated.  You need a burning desire.  You have to be willing to devote whatever time and effort is necessary.  Moving beyond a brick wall in your path is not an easy task.  However, there are limitless rewards on the other side.
As you progress through life, you will encounter multiple brick walls.  With each one you break through you become stronger.  You gain confidence as you go.  Some walls are thicker than others.  But none can stop you when you decide your progress will not be halted.
Here are the traits you need to get through a brick wall: determination, persistence, perseverance, drive, endurance, desire, flexibility, and consistency.  These are the same characteristics that all successful people share.
Determination gives you a laser like focus.  It enables you to concentrate all your efforts in one direction.  This gives you incredible power which leads to awesome accomplishments.  Persistence is what carved the Grand Canyon from solid rock with nothing more than rainwater.  Imagine what persistence will do for you.
Perseverance keeps you going when others stop and turn back.  How long it takes to break through your wall doesn’t matter.  The time goes by anyway.  You never want to look back on today and wish you had kept going.
Drive keeps you in gear and moving forward.  Just revving your engine may make lots of noise but it gets you nowhere.  Endurance gives you the ability to keep going when you are exhausted.  It’s when you feel you have nothing left that you must keep at it.
Desire is the fuel that keeps your engine of accomplishment running.  You know you have a burning desire when you want something so bad you can taste it.  Desire allows you to keep your laser focused.
Flexibility enables you to be resourceful and creative when formulating strategies to break through your walls.  Not everything you attempt will work as expected.  Flexibility empowers you to adjust your approach as necessary to produce the results you want.
Consistency is the opposite of being a flash in the pan.  You don’t just put in some effort for a predetermined, limited period of time.  Consistency keeps you hammering at your wall day in and day out.
Not only can you break through your brick walls, you only encounter them when you are on the right track.  Anything worthwhile takes effort.  The loftier your goals, the bigger the walls you will encounter.
The next time your encounter a wall, focus not on the wall but on the path that lies beyond.  To become discouraged and turn back is a shame.  The only direction is forward.  Let nothing stand in your way.