Assunta Still Vibrant at 105 Years

Photo and story by Anna Trusky

(l-r front) Alma Ruggiero, niece, Assunta Orkney, Frank Ruggiero, nephew. (l-r back) Groton Regency staff Amy Mullins, Amanda Hill, Diane Thomas, Administrator, Nicole Sweet, and Tara Morgan

On August 15, the Groton Regency Center celebrated a milestone seen by very few in a lifetime: the 105th birthday of resident Assunta Orkney, originally of New London. The diminutive, spunky Italian lady was joined by her nephew Frank Ruggiero of New London and his wife Alma as well as staff and fellow residents at the Groton Regency. The room was decorated with colorful flower bouquets and balloons, and Assunta beamed as she was regaled with a heartfelt rendition of “Happy Birthday to You!” Then she blew out the three candles on her beautiful, rose-covered cake – a one, a zero, and a five! The cake was kindly donated to her by Groton Rotary and personally delivered by Lea Doran, president of Groton Rotary.