Congressman Joe Courtney applauds sub-base project

$4.8Bn two-boats-a-year national defense policy

A new commissary at the Submarine Base is a project at the base to “enhance the quality of life for the men and women stationed there,” says U.S. Representative Joe Courtney

Congressman Joe Courtney is applauding a new $14.5 million contract awarded by the Department of Defense to Farmington-based KBE Building Corporation for the construction of a new commissary at the U.S. Naval Submarine Base. The competitive contract is the latest in a string of upgrades at the base, and comes on the heels of an April ribbon cutting for the new Pier 31.

“This latest investment will further improve the base’s infrastructure and enhance the quality of life for the men and women stationed there,” said Congressman Courtney. “The fact that a Connecticut company and Connecticut workers won this competitive bidding process is good news for our workforce, and will provide an additional boost to our economy.”

Since 2007, Congressman Courtney has secured more than $85 million in new federally-funded military-construction projects at the base. Together with other federal and state-funded initiatives at the base, nearly $150 million has been spent at the base since 2005.

Earlier in July, Courtney endorsed congressional approval of a defense-spending plan which solidly supported Connecticut’s position as a defense innovator and supplier, including the pivotal roles of Electric Boat and the submarine base. The House of Representatives voted July 19 to pass the Fiscal Year 2013 Defense Appropriations Bill by a wide bipartisan margin of 326-90.

“Not only does stable two-a-year submarine production provide an economic boost up and down eastern Connecticut’s supply chain and manufacturing base; it also reduces the long-term costs of production and solidifies our national defense,” said Courtney. “The Second Congressional District is home to tens of thousands of defense-related jobs, and during these tough economic times I am pleased to have secured funding that will protect these jobs and grow our economy.”

The bill includes $3.2 billion for the procurement of two submarines in 2013 and $1.6 billion in advanced procurement of additional submarines in 2014 and beyond. The latter funding solidifies measures secured by Rep. Courtney – and supported by the bipartisan Congressional Shipbuilding Caucus –in the Defense Authorization bill to ensure doubled submarine production in 2014.

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