NIN Rocks Mohegan Sun

by Jason Youngblood

Hundreds of loyal fans lined up outside the Mohegan Sun Arena to see their favorite industrial rock star, Trent Reznor, perform with his band Nine Inch Nails on Thursday, August 7. The primary choice of attire was black on black, with a variety of multicolored hair styles, chains and, of course, black eyeliner.

Nine Inch Nails, affectionately known as NIN, took the stage shortly after the opening act, Deerhunter. Trent wasted no time by jumping directly into his hard thrashing, brand new song “1,000,000” from his new album “The Slip,” and this is exactly what his listeners were hoping for. Heads were bobbing and thrashing throughout the audience and Trent seemed to feed directly off of if it; like a caffeine injection.

This was my first time seeing NIN live, so I was very excited to say the least. I am a long time fan of the band, since Trent’s early days, and own all eight of his albums. To tell the truth, I wasn’t really sure what to expect because I had only seen the band through their music videos. With that said, I was thoroughly impressed by what I saw.

Although Trent is known for his more aggressive songs, he took a short break in the middle of the show to perform some of his newer, more mellow material. “Ghosts I-IV,” the album directly preceding “The Slip,” is a collection of ambient tracks, something new for Trent. This break allowed the fans and the band alike to catch their breath. It also set the stage for an incredible light show that lasted the remainder of their performance.

The light show included two separate screens of LED lights that spanned the entire width of the stage – one in front of the band, and one behind. This staggered setup allowed for some truly amazing effects that made my jaw drop and my head spin.

After the ambient intermission, the band kicked back into full gear by blasting out several of their harder songs, including “Head Like a Hole,” “Survivalism,” “Closer” and “The Hand That Feeds.” But, unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and, in Trent’s case, the end of this concert was more final than we all knew. As it turns out, Trent is battling a recurring throat ailment, and shortly after this concert, he announced on his website that he had to postpone his August 8 concert until November 9.