Pandemonia in the Fox Theatre

Cirque Dreams Pandemonia is a dreamscape of nighttime imagery that redefines the boundaries of ingenuity and imagination. Innovative acrobatics, hilarious antics, wildly imaginative costumes and artists that bounce, flip and dance take the stage in this unique performance. Set in a whimsical place of altered objects, characters roll out of drawers, magically appear and suspend mid-air while the passing of time unfolds thrill after thrill. An international cast of acrobats, contortionists and aerialists perform under an ultra violet stage set that ignites them into some of the most amazing feats and performances ever witnessed on stage and in the air.

Chaos, uproar and world class athleticism explode on stage in the Fox Theatre Wednesday to Saturday at 7:00 p.m., now through August 30. Tickets are on sale for $25 and $35 and may be purchased at the Fox Theatre Box Office, online at or by calling 1.800.200.2882.