A Day in the Life… The Resident

by Michaela Maloney

For as long as I can remember, I had an interest in photography. It is my goal to become a photojournalist. I don’t have any professional experience in photography or journalism. Right now it’s just a passion. I hope to get into a great college or university to major in photojournalism.

This summer, while visiting my grandparents in Groton, Alexis Ann gave me a wonderful opportunity. She set me up to spend a day “in the life of a reporter”. I tagged along with one of her writers/photographers, Jessica Warzeniak, to three different events. I had so much fun and that experience  made me so much more anxious to do well in school to reach my goals.

First, Jess and I went to Foxwoods Resort Casino to celebrate William “Doc” Ferris’s 100th birthday. This was the most exciting to me because it was face-to-face. I was in charge of taking the pictures of “Doc” when Foxwoods gave him his cake and gifts. He plays poker at Foxwoods very often, so he knows some of the staff there. We got to interview “Doc” and learn more about him and what it’s like to live to be 100 years old!

The second event was the homecoming of the NR-1. The trip it just came back from was the submarine’s last. The thing that touched me the most about this event were the wives and children of the Navy men. Even after the rain started and everyone was soaked, all of the families were very excited to be reunited after four months.

Lastly, Jess and I took a private tour of the Nautilus Museum. I had a chance to visit it before, but it was Jessica’s first time. Learning about the Nautilus and why it is so special was very interesting. We got to walk inside the actual Nautilus submarine and see what the life of a submariner was like.

This opportunity gives me a little taste of what my life will be like once I become a photojournalist. This experience made me so much more excited about my future career. I want to thank Jess for teaching me and guiding me throughout the day. I am also very thankful that Alexis gave me an opportunity like this. I’ll never forget it!