Josh Blue’s Stand-Up at Mohegan Sun

by Taryn Alessandro

Josh Blue, winner of NBC’s Last Comic Standing during its fourth season, was responsible for my hurting cheeks after his performance at the Cabaret Theatre at Mohegan Sun on July 11th. Josh has cerebral palsy and many of his jokes are centered around living with his disability, giving him a unique comic routine that allows for gut-busting jokes we never heard before. “This is truly a cripple’s dream come true,” says Josh, “It’s like my own Make-a-Wish.”

An integral part of Josh’s routine is his role as striker for the U.S. Paralympic soccer team. He explains why he chose to endorse Nike, when being bombarded with sponsorship offers. “I had to pick Nike, look at me, I was born with a swoosh,” Josh says as he points out to the audience that his “crazy arm” naturally takes the shape of the Nike swoosh.

I have to admit, I was a little nervous before the show started. Is it OK to laugh at the expense of the handicapped? Josh stripped me of that guilty feeling as soon as he started. His charisma, energy and wildly entertaining routine make us feel like we’re laughing with him, not at him. It didn’t matter if you felt like it was OK to laugh or not, because you just couldn’t help roaring. The entire audience was hysterical; we were all in this together. After all, aren’t comedians getting paid to say the things we may think but would never say out loud?