Boat Cleaning Tips

After months in storage, even the freshest boat can emerge covered in dust, dirt, mold and cobwebs. Weiman® Products offers some timely tips to get your vessel shipshape in no time.

Step 1: Clean Out the Dust & Cobwebs

Start by sweeping up loose dirt and cobwebs. You can also use a damp cloth to wipe down exposed seating and consoles. This may seem time-consuming, but clearing away dirt and dust as a first step will prevent dust from settling on the exterior of your boat as you clean.

Electronics or controls located on exposed consoles should be cleaned with an ammonia-free formula designed to clean gently while repelling dust and dirt. Products in wipe form make for quick clean-up and can be stored on the boat. They also work great on CD/DVD players, computer screens and TVs you may have onboard.
Step 2: Scrub the Fiberglass

To clean the exterior, mix a cup of mild detergent with a gallon of warm water. Use a sponge to scrub the fiberglass. To remove mildew, include a cup of household bleach with the detergent solution.

For stubborn stains caused by fish blood or scum, use a heavy duty cleaner designed specifically for fiberglass. Be sure to use a non-abrasive formula to avoid scratches in the fiberglass.

Step 3: Pay Attention to the Details

Now that the interior is dust-free and the fiberglass is shining brightly, use specialty cleaning products to make details sparkle.

Glass: Use a no-drip glass cleaner to remove fingerprints, smudges, dust and dirt left on the windshield from last year. Pick one that leaves a streak-free shine along with a protective barrier that makes glass and mirrors less susceptible to visual marks and easier to clean in the future.

If possible, clean glass and mirrors on a cloudy day to prevent the cleaning solution from drying too quickly. Also, cooler weather prevents streaking.

Boat Hardware: Use a gentle, all-purpose polish to remove tarnish from numerous surfaces, including chrome, aluminum and stainless steel.

Dampen a sponge or clean cloth and dip into polishing cream. Spread the cream onto the surface and gently rub it in until tarnish disappears and surface is shiny.