Natural Goodness!

by Alexis Ann

It’s down-to-earth farming in Center Groton at the Red Fence Farm, not far from Wally World, Route 184. Art and Cherrie Hiles invite you to meet their furry creatures, including special Highland Cattle and especially, Diogennes, the donkey. While you’re there, don’t forget to take home some farm fresh eggs from all organically grown chickens. You can tell the difference just by cracking them not to mention the taste! Farm fresh on page 5.

Meet Farmer John “Whit” Davis on page 10. If you know Whit, you know he’s still farming at 84 years young, right down the Greenhaven Road, Pawcatuck, just a hop, skip and a jump from The Resident Newspaper main office. Whit’s dad taught him how to plant a vegetable garden at age 11 and that’s what he still enjoys doing. “I’m keeping track of what I plant, when I plant, when I pick. So, somewhere down the line, a younger person benefits. All they’ll have to do is pick up that journal. They won’t have to wait to be 80 years old before they know what works best for this area.” Now, that’s the way Nature intended…sharing good ol’ Yankee ingenuity. Thanks Whit! We’ll be visiting your farm for your home grown veggies.

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P.S. Happy Father’s Day!